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Leadership Development - Our Commitment to You

Leadership DevelopMEnt

We believe in investing in people because God uses individuls and teams to fulfill His plans. We don't want to recruit another volunteer, we want to inspire, invest and develop leaders. 

As His church we are all called to lead people to Jesus. 

We also recognize your time is extremely valuable and we want to make sure we respect your investment.

"There is a limit to both the charisma and capacity of every leader. Once that potential is reached, the impact of a ministry is determined by the people who come alongside you to help lead. The most effective ministry is tied to your ability to build a great team."

— Mark Colwell - Lead Pastor CLA Maple Ridge

Develop "ME"


We want to invest time and resources into YOU because we believe God sees value in your life and we want to see you learn how to use the gifts and tools that the Holy Spirit has equipped you with to serve our church and in turn, serve our community.

We do this in relationship. Between YOU and the Pastor, and YOU and another Ministry Leader. We desire that ever person lead alongside another individual in every ministry.


You can volunteer anywhere and everywhere. But as God's church, we are more than volunteers. We are Leaders. And we know, true leaders are first SERVANTS. We serve God, we serve His church and we serve People. But we are all called to lead in some capacity, because we are called to lead people to Jesus. 

We don't want people to feel used or to get burned out as many volunteers do. We want people to know without a shadow of a doubt that we value the time and resources given when they serve. Its not about a title because it is Jesus who gets the glory but by changing our language from "volunteer" to "Leader" we believe it will help us better recognize the work that is being done for the kingdom.

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DEVELOP "ME" NT DAYS (Future Goal)

We serve as a team. We may be leading different ministries or serving at different times thorughout the year but we are all working together. Our nursery kids will one day be in kids church. Kids will become Youth, and Youth will grow into Adults, Community members will become Attendees, Attendees will become Church Members and so on. We lead each person and demographic closer to Jesus, TOGETHER. 

Three to four times a year our church hosts "DevelopMEnt Days". This will be an opportunity for our church leadership team, Pastors and Council, to invest practical and spiritual wisdom into your life. This is an intereactive team building experience, Q & A sessions and good fun. We also have time in groups to meet and discuss any challenges and successes we've had and how we can continue to meet the needs of people in our church and community.

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