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30 Days of Share and Prayer Triplets - November 2019

The concept of 30 days of share and prayer triplets is simple and straightforward.

First, people are challenged to come together in triplets 4 times for 1 hour each time over a period of 30 days.

Second, the triplets are asked to spend their time sharing their personal hopes, hurts, and dreams, and sharing their affirmations, challenges, and vision for their congregation.

Third, the triplets are asked to pray aloud for one another and their congregation.

Fourth, the triplets are asked to share with the congregation the progress being made in their triplets.

Fifth, the congregation supports and unites around significance of the triplets through corporate worship and celebration.

Sharing in the Triplets:

Each Triplet participant should share their personal hopes, hurts, and dreams, and their affirmation, challenges, and vision for their congregation. To initiate this they may need to engage in some trust building activities where they share their life story and spiritual journey with one another.

These trust building activities could be initiated in a large group setting where all the triplets come together for the first time and receive orientation and coaching

Praying in the Triplets

Triplet participants should pray aloud for one another and their congregation. Praying aloud is extremely important. This adds value to the ability of prayer to bless one another. Participants should lift one another up in prayer. The congregation and its health and Kingdom progress should be a subject of prayer.

Triplets should keep a journal of the key issues for which they are praying on an ongoing basis. Such a journal should include any statement of covenant and confidentiality the triplet establishes.

Sharing with the Congregation:

A consistent and regular method should be used for the triplet participants to share with the congregation the progress being made in their triplet. Participants from a triplet will take three or four minutes in each worship service to share the joy of what is happening in their triplet.

Congregational Support for the Triplets:

The congregation should support and rally around the significance of the triplets through corporate worship and celebration. One way to do this is to have the worship themes tied to the suggested agenda for the triplets. This would reinforce what the triplets are talking about, and connect to the triplet movement people connected with the congregation who are not in a triplet.

At the end of the 30 days of prayer, a corporate worship celebration will be conducted to rejoice concerning answered prayer, new relationships, and the congregation has a renewed sense of community.

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